The Benefits of Sun Salutations

Regardless of how quickly or slowly you go through sun salutations, the benefits they provide for your physical and mental health are manifold. Read through our list of tips to find out how this yogic flow, if practiced regularly, can boost your health.

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The Benefits of Bodywork + Aromatherapy

If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve probably heard of massage by now, and perhaps even aromatherapy. But you may not know what the various types of massage are like, what they are good for, and also what different essential oils can do to benefit your massage experience. Learn more about bodywork combined with the power of essential oils, and see which option may be right for you.

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Functional Movements and Yoga

Functional movement patterns are fundamental movements also known as primitive movement patterns. When was the last time you thought about or actually crawled on hands and knees like an infant? According to a growing number of health and wellness experts, bringing our awareness back to movement basics is key to optimal health. Continue reading

Embrace Winter: 3 (More!) Ways to Savor this Season, Part 2

As the cold wintry season continues on you must continue to honor the season with extra self-care. Rather than shut down against the cold, make sure you take extra care of your body and spirit. Here are three ways to harmonize with the season:

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Embrace Winter: 3 Ways to Savor this Season, Part I

When it is cold and barren outside during the winter months we are presented with a beautiful opportunity to turn inwards. We seek the physical warmth of dwelling within warm homes. We are also required to seek the energetic warmth within our own spirits. This is a time to look deeper into the hidden energies reflected in the natural world around us.

This winter, consider embracing the season for what it is, honoring our natural tendency to seek external warmth and rest during these darker days. When many creatures in the animal kingdom are hibernating, what are ways we can also slow down and learn from this time, rather than resist and try to go on with full yang energy?

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The Many Uses of Oregano Oil

Oregano, a member of the peppermint family, is a hardy, bushy herb plant used liberally in Mediterranean, Mexican, and many other culinary traditions around the world. Most people have experienced oregano in pizza and other Italian marinara sauces, but may not have heard of its use as an essential oil.








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Bringing the Concepts of Yoga Into the Holiday Season, Prevent Holiday Burnout


The holiday season requires some extra awareness to maintain our wellness and keep our bodies thriving. With holiday preparations and extra time with family and friends, it feels easy to let wellness fall to the wayside. Instead of spending time and energy stressing out about maintaining your usual health and fitness regimes that serve us during the less-busy months, adapting adjustments to our routines can keep us healthy while staving off holiday burnout and unwanted weight gain once this festive season is over.  Continue reading

Food as Medicine: Why Magnesium?

Magnesium can be one of those forgotten about nutrients in our diets. What most do not realize is the fact that magnesium plays a major role in metabolism. Magnesium is like a supporting actor in a movie or the backup dancer to a star. It doesn’t receive the infamy that other nutrients get like calcium, but it is just as important as the others. Who would’ve guessed that it is necessary for over 300 chemical reactions in the body? Since magnesium can sometimes be forgotten about, average diets frequently fail to meet the necessary supply of magnesium. It can leave adults about 100-125 milligrams short of the adequate amount even if they take supplements on top of their daily diet. In order to properly get the amount of magnesium we need, there are foods you may love or that you should try to incorporate into your diet more. After all, magnesium plays a key role in our health support. Continue reading

How To Bring Mindfulness To Our Stress

“Up to 90 percent of the doctor visits in the USA may be triggered by a stress-related illness”, say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Upon reading this research I found it appropriate to share some thoughts and a little exercise.

Stress…we all have it, it is a part of our earthly experience. Stress is what you feel when the reality of “what is” is different from what you think it should be.

The word “should” is the main culprit and bringing more mindfulness to our “shoulds” is the first step toward stress management. Continue reading