About Us

Who We Are

WELCOME to Intentional Wellness and Yoga Center!

Come participate in your own wellness.

My mission is to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and everyday wellness.

Along my journey, I have experienced that true wellness comes from connection and balance.

Connection to nature, to others and most of all a connection to my own heart and passions are what has allowed me to create and feel my own intentional wellness.

My vision for this center is that it is a place for the community to practice and experience a variety of mind, body, and soul modalities, which guides you to your own physical and spiritual connections and ultimately to your own true wellness.

It is my belief that only from this place of individual specialness can we all join together as ONE.



The IWAYC Experience :

We offer small group and personal classes in yoga, meditation, and wellness services. Your personal experience is very important to us. All of the staff at IWAYC have a minimum of 15 years experience in their craft. There will never be more than 15 people in each class, giving you the personal attention you deserve to obtain your wellness goals.