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Wants To Help YOU Create An Insightful And Authentic Relationship With Food And YOUR Body!
A Powerful Offer To Give YOU The Quick Start Into Wellness YOU Have Been Looking For!

Included in this Special Offer:

  • The Bodyology Quick Start Program,
  • The Bodyology Workbook,
  • Tune Into Your Body Meditation,
  • Meditation For Stress Eaters
  • Get the support you deserve and personalize your program while getting all your questions and concerns addressed with one-on-one live coaching with the creator of the Bodyology System, Susan Kullman.

Virtual Product
Virtual Product plus 3 Private
One-on-One Sessions.

The Bodyology Quick Start Program

This 8-week journey gives you the quick start into wellness you have been looking for.

These mp3’s will begin your insightful journey as you gradually build a wellness plan, which, leads to you to an authentic relationship with your food and body.

This program will take away the guilt, shame and confusion around food and self-care.

You will learn how to turn struggle and willpower into an exploratory pleasurable process, while at the same time gaining an intimacy with your thoughts and feelings and bringing your body into vibrant health.

Each mp3 begins with a different meditation to help set the mindset to begin your journey, followed by a different wellness topic.

Follow along and listen to one per week to gradually build your wellness plan.

Week One: “Let’s Get Started”

This 30 minute audio gives you a kick start into a whole new perspective.”Let’s Get Real” is the first of an eight week series on how to obtain optimal wellness through nutrition, fitness and self-mastery techniques.

Week Two: “Let’s Get Satisfied”

This CD continues to set the mindset and the foundation of sound nutrition to help you get on your way to better health. Learn how to begin to satisfy your mind and your body so you can begin to bring the topic of food and wellness back into balance.

Week Three: “Let’s Get Clean”

“Let’s Get Clean” is the focus for week 3.
Begin the process of your body telling you how and what to eat, instead of your mind. In this audio you will learn how to get your body back into its natural state of balanced weight and energy.

Week Four: “Let’s Get Balanced”

If your energy, mood, and emotions are keeping you on a roller coaster ride, then getting balanced on many levels could be your ticket to better health and happiness. This CD speaks to the importance of balancing your blood sugar before labeling your personality as a limiting factor.

Week Five: “Let’s Get Sweet”

“Let’s Get Sweet” is the hot topic this week!
Finding ways to be grateful and increase our pleasure is a sure fire way
increase your over all sense of well being.
We also talk about sugar and how to naturally deconstruct your sugar cravings and how to slowly being the process of decreasing the level of sugar in your daily diet.

Week Six: “Let’s Move”

“Let’s Move” is our discussion this week.
By now you have spent approximately 5 weeks putting healthy foods and
lifestyle techniques into your day to increase your vitality and to
generate enough energy to start adding in pleasurable body movement.
Listen to this audio on exercise and movement to take the mystery out which exercise is the right one for you!

Week Seven: “Let’s Talk Stress”

If stress eating is getting in the way of creating the health and body
which you desire then this recording is for you. Susan Kullman, creator of
the Bodyology System, talks about how to connect with your emotions instead of allowing them to sabotage your wellness plan.

Week Eight: “Let’s Take a Deeper Look”

Why do you know What to do, yet you watch yourself Do something completely different? This CD goes beyond the food and speaks to the psychology of food and our beliefs system around food.

Bodyology Workbook

The 75 pages Bodyology Workbook that includes nutritional information, the Bodyology Food/Connection log, numerous recipes and journal exercises to guide you into a deeper more authentic connection with your own sacred wellness.

Tune Into Your Body Meditation

Are you eating because you are hungry? How many times a day are you eating because you are hungry or because you are bored, procrastinating, angry, lonely or even over-excited? This very simple breathing technique can help us achieve our ideal body weight!

Meditation For Stress Eating

If you suffer from stress eating then you probably suffer from unwanted pounds or digestive issues such as bloating, gas, or constipation.

This short meditation will help you get past these issues and much more.

Learning how to process the emotions in the body instead of the mind is the only way to detach from the story and get you on your way to creating the health and wellness you deserve!

* Please note: there was a slight malfunction with this mp3; you will hear silence until the 5 min mark; just fast forward slightly.