Personal Services

This service is for anyone with body pain.  This service includes a wide range of mind/body techniques from postural alignment, breath work, relaxation techniques, and therapeutic bodywork. Private yoga is ideal for deepening your practice as well as a healing modality.


Health and wellness personal coaching sessions are designed to help you achieve your wellness goals. Learn how eat healthier and integrate wellness techniques so that you feel and look your best!


Apply the laws of the universe and dis-create limiting beliefs which are holding you back from creating the life you desire. One on one coaching sessions.


Recognizing the energetic body as an inter-dependant part of the human body, modalities such as reiki, body talk method, and EFT allow for the body to restore to its natural healing process.


We offer traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and therapeutic massage.  All types involve working with the body to relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and evoke feelings of calmness.