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Bodyology System is the only wellness/weight loss programs which combines nutrition, meditation, and self-mastery to achieve permanate results.

A positive, energetic, life force, Susan has used her knowledge and experience to educate and inspire others. Her unparalleled ability to connect and motivate not only comes from her vast education but also compassionately fueled by her own personal journey towards wellness.

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About Bodyology

-“Add in” You build your diet over time focusing on adding in the good stuff wihich ends up eliminating the unwanted unhealthy options.

-You balance your blood sugar to eliminate cravings and increase your energy

– We experiment with your system: looking for signs on how to read your body’s signals.

– We de-stress the whole concept of food. simplify it down to it’s purest form:energy.

– We tease out mindless eating and learn how to really allow ourselves to trust ourselves around food.

– We learn techniques to relax into our relationship with food and exercise.